Monday, August 8, 2011

SEATTLE TREASURES--Readers Respond and Request

Seattle really got people's attention--especially the donuts. I had more email and letters in response to the Seattle columns than any other. Most were interested in places to eat. Here are a few:

  • Top Pot Donuts We went to the one on 5th street, since we were on our way to the needle, but the web page shows other locations including one on Capitol Hill. They also tell the fun story on the web page of how they got their name. My son says they have "the world's best donuts" but I have only tried the Old Fashioned Maple Iced. It might qualify, but more research is needed. (To help fund this important research, please see the sidebar.)  ;)
  • Phở Cyclo Café  I've been there each time I've visited, and always enjoyed my lunch. The first time I had a lettuce wrap, and didn't realize until I was on the way out when I saw someone eating one, that I should have used the lettuce like a tortilla. Oh well, it was still delicious. Murals on all the walls open your view to a street scene, complete with other shops and restaurants, street signs, pedestrians, and cyclists.  I'm happy to suspend myself inside the belief that I'm really eating lunch on a sunny day on a Vietnamese street.
  • B & O Espresso on Capitol Hill--here is where I had my first Seattle Breakfast last year. The pancakes with real maple syrup were just what I needed after my long trip.
  • And don't forget to check out the Victrola Coffee Roasters (several locations. In some you can see them roasting the beans through a window to the roastery.) 
but honestly all my meal memories are running together into one big bite of deliciousness. Here's the thing about eating in Seattle. You'll find lots of international restaurants, and not too many national chains (except, of course, for coffee.) If you want Denny's or Applebee's you have to go to a suburb; we were very happy to stay in the city.

Do you have suggestions for places to visit in Seattle? Good food or quirky artwork? We'd love to hear them. (It's easy to comment here!) Or, if you have specific questions, please enter them too.

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  1. I can't believe I forgot to list Molly Moon's Homemade ice cream! (Also received Chad's coveted "World's Best" distinction.) They have a shop on Capitol Hill (in the park across the street you can see the famous bicycle polo games if you go at the right time.)