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Breakfast for the Bee
Color cover (I'll try to get the color image here soon), perfect bound.
This is a little larger print for easier reading. It's the original 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 size blown up 2X. The type is twice as big.

To order go to the Birdland Book Arts tab.

Help edit the next Birdland Book!

Do you have a favorite column that you'd like to see printed in the next Birdland book? If so, vote for your favorites by commenting on the columns. Everyone who votes will get a chance to win (by random drawing) a free copy of the next Birdland book.

Check back to find out if you won. The winner can then contact me for the free book. 

The contest will go until I get the next book figured out (could be anywhere from 2 months to 2 years--when it seems like it's getting close, I'll declare a deadline).

To enter: Find your favorite columns and use the comments tool, write a note saying I should include this column in the next book. Please also say why you think so, and how you first heard about Letter from Birdland. You can also enter this contest by sending an email to or by sending a postcard to:
Mary Lucille Hays
1185 E 1900 North Road
White Heath, IL 61884